Water Or Damp Areas In The Basement Require Service From A Waterproofing Company

Have you recently looked at your basement walls? Do you have water leaking into your home? If the answer is yes to either of those questions, you should consider contacting a company that’s experienced in basement waterproofing. Waterproofing in a basement can involve various materials or techniques below the ground level to direct water to another location. Some older homes have French drains installed outside of the basement footer. These drains can become clogged with dirt. When the water is unable to flow freely away from the basement walls, damp areas and bowing of the wall can occur. Cracks in the mortar joints will also develop. If not fixed properly, the floor can also begin to heave and leave wet areas.


Most building codes require waterproofing to be performed on new homes. A solution for preventing drains from becoming clogged on the outside of a home is to place a sump pump in an area of the basement. The French drains will be located in the floor of the basement near the outside walls. All of the drains will lead to a pit in the basement that contains a sump pump. This pump will push the water to an area outside of the home. It’s very important to have the proper drainage in a basement. If the water causes cracks in the foundation, it can jeopardize the stability of a home.

Another reason a basement should have waterproofing is mold. Mold can develop in a damp area 24 to 48 hours after water has entered an area. Once mold has entered an area, an experienced mold removal company should be notified. It’s important to dry the area as quickly as possible and prevent mold spores from entering other locations in a home through the ventilation system. Water that is trapped behind sheet rock can be difficult to see and can severely affect the health of occupants in the home.

If your home or business has suffered water damage in the basement, contact an experienced mold-remediation and waterproofing company. Attempting to repair a foundation problem alone could leave to further water problems in the future.